New Intramural Sports Complex for FSU

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1-24-07 - Last year about 10,000 students participated in intramural sports, but many others were turned away because of one major problem, space.

David Peters, the director intramural sports at FSU, said, "To be able to get the amount of space we wanted. So moving away from campus was our best option."

Now a brand new 104 acre lot, which is more than four times the size of the current complex, is in the works.

The new development will feature a number of different fields, but it's a four mile hike from the stadium to the new development, and that's a concern to students like Craig Leduc, who doesn't have a car.

"Once we move out there, there's going to be a bus system and hopefully that will help out, but if we have to stay out there late at night it's going to be a little bit of a walk for me."

That bus system is not set in stone, but some students like Michael Defeudis say the distance isn't a problem.

"For them to have the opportunity to play a certain intramural sport whether it's flag football, softball, or soccer all year round. I think that they're going to find a way to get out there.”

Phase one will be ready for intramural teams to hit the field in the fall of this year. Members of FSU's intramural sports staff say they hope to keep the land that's currently being used by the athletes, but nothing has been decided.