Dyke Takes Stand

By Julie Montanaro
January 24, 6:25pm

The fate of a former bailiff accused of child molestation will soon be in the hands of a jury.

A host of character witnesses testified on Rick Dyke's behalf Wednesday afternoon after he took the stand to defend himself. Our cameras were the only ones rolling when former bailiff Rick Dyke raised his right hand and promised to tell the truth.

"Did you know that she was calling to challenge you or ask for an apology about alleged abuse?" asked defense attorney Robert Harper.

"No, not at all," Dyke said.

"Did you ever abuse that girl?"

"Absolutely not."

"Not once?"


Rick Dyke vehemently denies accusations that he molested a little girl more than 20 years ago, a girl who is now a 37-year-old woman claiming Dyke fondled her and demanded the same in return for years.

"I just thought that that was what I was supposed to do, you know? I was just supposed to take it," the woman testified.

Dyke said he was surprised when the kitchen phone rang last February and the woman on the other end leveled the accusations that are now playing out in front of a judge and jury.

The jury has been sent home for the night and will likely begin deliberating in the case Thursday morning.