Curbing Drunk Driving

Sometimes it takes shock and awe to really get the message across that drunk driving can kill. More than 1,000 Florida State University students got an unvarnished look at what happens during a drunk driving crash or when you fail to buckle up. The images are too graphic for WCTV to air, but a program called "Street Smart" is hoping by showing the accidents through the eyes of paramedics, drivers will make wiser choices. Justen Calvacca, an FSU student and Panhellenic Vice President, which sponsored the event said, "It is graphic, somewhat controversial, but you don't get much out of being subtle. So this presentation kind of shocks everyone. You can't take your eyes off the screen, instead people really pay attention to the feature and presentation."

Last year, there were more than 1,000 drunk driving arrests in Leon County, many through joint efforts of area law enforcement. FSU Police will be holding a DUI checkpoint on Tuesday in memory of FSU student Matthew Beard. He was killed by a drunk driver in December, on his way to a dive at Delray Beach to study coral reefs.