Tallahassee Leaders Discuss Future

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Habitat for Humanity builders are hammering in a new direction for Tallahassee. City leaders want more work force housing, greater energy conservation, and a stronger economy.

Tallahassee Heights added 29 new affordable homes to the community, supporting a workforce that will keep the economy growing, and each house has the latest technology to save energy.

Bill Stone, Habitat construction supervisor, said, We want to make sure that their utility bills are low, so we go to the extra yard to insulate them, use fluorescent fixtures to make them be cheap to operate and own, and the city utility is helping us with a pilot project to do these solar hot water heaters."

William Eades, an electrician, said, "They are using solar heat and water. They're using a high efficiency water recirculation type heating system now, so the power consumption on these houses is constantly dropping almost with every house we build."

The city wants to lead by example, and it's considering offering cash incentives to businesses which move to save energy.

Leaders are also discussing incentives for businesses that move into the area, as well as sprayfield expansion and the joint 911 dispatch center.

The city also has thousands to pay out for the sprayfield project. The mayor says he does not expect a tax increase this year, and is hoping for a property tax decrease.