Fatal Shooting Reaction

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A tragic shooting claimed the lives of Mellie McDaniel and Mike Altman, leaving friends and family members in shock.

Gloria Peacock is a friend and neighbor of Mellie McDaniel, and said, "It's just like a horror story; you just keep thinking it can't be real. Nobody deserves for something like that to happen to them."

Friends of Mellie McDaniel, the sheriff's wife, look back on the life of a woman who was a victim's advocate and a loving wife, mother, and grandmother.

Peacock said, "Millie to me was just a very friendly vivacious person. She was always smiling and she always looked attractive, neat, and was a very loving person.”

Deputy Mike Altman was the first one on scene. He was killed in the incident. Altman had been working for the Jackson County's Sheriff's Office for a little more than a year.

MAJ John Dennis of the Jackson County Sheriff's Office talked about the deputy.

"He was a fine young man. I think he worked with the police department a little bit and came to work with us. He was learning everything about the business."

Neighbors of the McDaniels continue to grieve.

Dana Torbett is a neighbor of the Mellie McDaniel and said, "I drive by everyday and think I should stop by and say, hey, stop by and see her, and then you never do. Now to think you have that loss and you'll never have that opportunity again."

Sheriff John McDaniel's life has been full of tragedy. His father was murdered by a confessed serial killer back in 1980. A couple of years ago his son died of liver disease.

For now there is a makeshift memorial in front of the Jackson County Sheriff's Office where people are invited to bring flowers in support of the victims.