Details Released in Sheriff's Wife, Deputy Murder

Details of a tragic and deadly shootout in Marianna, Florida continue to unravel.

Authorities say two suspects may have been looking for payback when they went to the sheriff’s home and killed his wife and a deputy.

Authorities say it appears the shooting death of Mellie McDaniel, the wife of Jackson County Sheriff John McDaniel, and Deputy Mike Altman, was done in retaliation, but the two gunmen also died in a hail of gunfire.

Patrol cars blocked the driveway where four people died, Mellie McDaniel, Jackson County Sheriff John McDaniel's wife, Deputy Mike Altman, and the two gunmen.

Bill Peacock was leaving his home across the street when it happened.

Bill Peacock said, "I noticed a sheriff's department vehicle traveling very fast. I didn't notice any thing unusual at that time, but it had to have been right there. I just gone by beyond that time, even when it happened."

The two gunmen were 60-year-old Lionel Sands and 54-year-old Daniel Ray. The state attorney says Sands was a suspect in his wife's death in 2001, and just lost an insurance battle in that case three days ago.

The state attorney says they found sinister evidence in the suspects' car - latex gloves, trash bags and handcuffs - for a plot that ended in gunfire in the driveway. Both gunmen were from Jackson County.