Officer Scuffles With Armed Suspect


It was a close call for a Tallahassee police officer Tuesday, as he wrestled a suspect with a gun.

It happened at an apartment on Texas Street late Tuesday night.

According to police reports, OFC Shepherd Bruner was trying to arrest a man when he realized the man had a loaded gun in his waistband, and another one just out of reach under the couch.

"When they looked under the couch, there was a second handgun, which was fully loaded and had one in the chamber," said Tallahassee Police Spokesman John Newland. "We feel that he definitely would have used it on the officer and fortunately for us, it didn't happen that way and the officer was able to control the situation."

Nineteen-year-old Andrew Campbell is facing a long list of charges from intent to sell cocaine and marijuana to assault on a police officer.