FHP Writes TPD Deputy Chief a Citation

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The Florida Highway Patrol wrote a speeding citation for Deputy Chief Rafael Hernandez, this following an internal investigation at the Tallahassee Police Department.

The investigation was conducted to determine whether Hernandez abused his power, used conduct unbecoming by an officer, and violated laws during a November traffic stop.

"We as an agency felt that the internal process failed at the Tallahassee Police Department and we felt as any agency we needed to step up and go ahead and issue the citation let him proceed through the court process just like everybody else," said LT John Bagnardi of FHP.

"Chief McNeil had requested on numerous occasions for the trooper to issue the citation. Chief Hernandez after it did come out went up to the Florida Highway Patrol and talked with numerous people and said I like to have a ticket issued," said OFC John Newland of TPD.

According to TPD, their investigation found Hernandez violated speeding regulations. The department said he gave himself a one day suspension without pay.

The issuance of the citation was a 30 MPH over the speed limit citation, requiring a mandatory court appearance.