Gadsden County Officials and Residents Discuss TB

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Parents, relatives and concerned citizens gathered at East Gadsden High School for an informational meeting about tuberculosis. In early January, two members of the school tested positive tuberculosis.

"With all the testing that we've done here...there isn't evidence that we seen that suggest that transmission occurred once those cases were in the school," said Jim Cobb, an employee with Florida Department of Health.

Despite this information, residents continued gathering information about the spread and prevention of TB.

"I do a lot of volunteer work and a lot of times I got a lot of elderly people I carry around. And I just wanted to find out about that," said Harold Fields, a resident of Quincy.

"I came down here because I'm concerned about my little brother. He goes to this school and I wanted to learn a little more about TB," added Chris Walker, the brother of an East Gadsden High student.

More than 300 people were tested for the disease. It takes 2 to 12 weeks to determine if the disease has been contracted. Each negative result will be retested to assure the person does not have TB.

"The most confusing thing about TB to the public is how they get exposed, which is through the air, but it's got to be in a really specific type of situation, meaning generally a closed not well ventilated space," added Cobb.