Local Students React to Tornado Devastation in Central Florida


The devastation in Central Florida is affecting many across the state.

Many local residents say they feel fortunate not to have loved ones in the affected areas, but some students at an area university say their hometowns were hit hard by the tornado.

They've spent much of the day making calls to friends and family back home.

"I was concerned. The first thing I did, I was at work, but I called my grandma to make sure she was okay. She actually slept through the damage, so, you know, everything's okay with my family there, but I feel bad for, ya know, the 19 families who had people who passed away," said Jasmine Butler, an FSU student.

"Thank goodness my family wasn't affected, and it's really devastating to hear that all those people died. It's like unheard of sometimes, so you know, it really bothered me. But my family is okay and my condolences out there to the families that were affected," said Shirma Ramroop, an FSU student.

The Capital Area Red Cross will be sending disaster services volunteers to the Daytona Beach area tomorrow morning, providing food, clothing and shelter, and over the coming days will establish service centers for victims.