Super Bowl Advertisement Reaction

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More than 90 million people are expected to tune into Super Bowl XLI, putting a little pressure on advertisers. Some people look forward to the ads more than the Super Bowl. The ads are costing a pretty penny these days. The price is $2.6 million for one 30-second spot.

J Bagwell, a local advertiser, credits one commercial for the popularity of Super Bowl ads.

"I think it goes back to 1984, the Apple Macintosh commercial," he said.

But fans logged on to to vote on their favorite. The winner was a Coca-Cola commercial featuring an NFL legend.

Bagwell said, "It pulls at the heartstrings. Here's a football player who's supposed to be a terror, ‘Mean Joe Green,’ yet he melted with a kid."

One new advertisement is already getting a lot of attention, a Nationwide commercial featuring Kevin Federline.

Lakeitha Grey, President of the Greater Tallahassee Advertising Federation, said, "They've gotten a lot of flack from the fast food industry because they feel that it's demeaning towards people that work in the fast food industry."

Controversy may be the key because that ad has already made around $5 million.

Local advertisers are also quick to take advantage of Super Bowl spots.

Chris Mossman, Vice President of Marketing and Sales for WCTV, said, "It's not the least expensive commercial that we have at the station."

WCTV's local spots for the Super Bowl have been sold out for a month.

Don't forget to check out those ads right here on WCTV. The fun kicks off on Sunday night at 6:00!

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