Jackson County Shooting Victims Laid to Rest

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The lives of two people in Jackson County were cut short Tuesday evening by two men who were apparently intent on carrying out an act of revenge.

Authorities say Lionel Sands and Raymond Brown killed Mellie McDaniel, then shot and killed Altman, a Jackson County deputy who was responding to help.

Saturday morning, Johnny McDaniel was joined by family friends, and more than 300 law enforcement officers from around the state as he buried his wife.

There was a peaceful silence over Jackson County Saturday morning as friends and family laid Mellie McDaniel to rest. Over 300 law enforcement officers from Florida, Georgia, and Alabama gathered to pay their respects to the sheriff's former wife.

BJ Bailey, a family friend, says, "Some people didn't handle the funeral very well. They've had a lot of tragedy."

Following the ceremony officers led the processional down Highway 73 to Edenfield Family Cemetery in Calhoun County. For miles, on-lookers paused for a moment of silence.

"It's been solemn, very quiet," says Bethany Castro, a Jackson County Resident. She adds, "people are trying to go on as normal, but you can't stop talking about it."

Friends say Mellie McDaniel was an admirable woman, and she will no doubt be missed by those who knew her.

"It's a very sad day in Marianna for everyone who's been touched by her spirit."

Sheriff McDaniel and his family may finally be able to bring some closure to the tragedies of their personal lives, laying to rest a wife, a mother, and a friend.