Superbowl Stress

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Superbowl parties will bring friends and family together on Sunday. But, for some football fans, the stress and anxiety of bad calls and missed kicks can prove hazardous to their health.

University of Florida emergency medicine experts say watching the big game can cause the body to react in the same way it does during a hair-raising roller coaster ride or a horror movie. Past research shows the excitement and stress of watching big sports contests can be enough to trigger a heart attack or stroke.

Dr. David Seaburg, UF Emergency Room Physician, says "certainly those who have had previous strokes, heart attacks or high blood pressure need to be careful. We've got to remember that it's just a game, it's not a life-or-death situation."

Chest pain, shortness of breath or unusual lightheadedness should be considered serious and warrant an immediate trip to the ER.