NRA Versus Mayors Against Illegal Guns

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Lately the economy and health care have taken over the headlines across the country. But the issue of gun control may be front page news very soon as the fight is re-surfacing in cities like Tallahassee.
The National Rifle Association is currently asking people to see if their mayor has joined the Mayors Against Illegal Guns organization... and if so, to ask him or her to resign from it.
Former NRA president Marion Hammer has asked Tallahassee Mayor John Marks to resign from the group.
"The organization doesn't really have anything to do with illegal guns. What they actually do is lobby against the rights of of law abiding gun owners," says Hammer.
But Marks says - not true. He says illegal guns are connected to crime.. like recent shootings in Tallahassee - one where two men were shot to death during a party at a hotel and another where three people, including a FAMU football player, were shot after a football game.. and one suspect is 17 years old - too young to lawfully buy or own a handgun.
"To keep illegal guns out of the hands of criminals and terrorists and that is the fundamental objective of this organization," says Marks.
Marks says the American Hunters and Shooters Association supports the mayors group and sent out letters this week claiming "the NRA has been sending false information about what Mayors Against Illegal Guns stands for" and says "to take them head on."
But Hammer insists the mayors group aims to strip gun rights and urges people to also ask Marks to leave the group.
New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg founded Mayors Against Illegal Guns in 2006. It has more than 450 members. That includes 42 Florida mayors and six Georgia mayors. Marks and Valdosta's mayor John Fretti are among them.


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