Blountstown Marijuana Drug Bust

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Blountstown Police said this is one of the more sophisticated marijuana operation they've seen.

Investigators found about 20 baby marijuana plants at the westville residence on Thursday. The owners, Charles and Salenna Stephens were not home at the time.

The home contained 17 plants that were two months old. The owner, 44-year-old Thomas MaClean went to great lengths to take care of them.

Police found eight grow lights, two light timers, two exhaust fans and two pounds of marijuana already harvested.

Police said the street value estimated to about 15-17 thousand dollars. Investigators said the suspect hid this operation in the back of a utility shop behind his house.

Even though the marijuana plants were not fully matured in size, they are in higher demand. The female plants have a higher concentration of THC.

Holmes County used to be known as the marijuana growing capital of Florida.

Authorities said they will continue to use every possible resource they can to find it and get rid of it.

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