Tallahassee Police Officers Investigated for Alleged Beating of Students

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Two Tallahassee police officers are under investigation in the wake of an altercation with two FAMU students.

Officers contend the two were resisting arrest outside a party on Saturday, but relatives claim the two were beaten.

Brothers Christopher and Antonio Smith were arrested outside a home on Campus Circle. Tallahassee Police Officers Michael Petroczy and Brent Edwards claim the two were acting aggressively and refusing commands to step back. Both students were taken to the ground during their arrests.

Now the officers are being investigated to see if they followed proper procedure.

Police reports say Christopher Smith lost three teeth when he hit the pavement, all of this as his brother watched.

"One of them resisted arrest and got tased at least four different times. He was bleeding actually in the street. His brother freaked out about that," said eyewitness Athen White.

"If there is an allegation that an officer did something wrong, then something is going to be opened up. It could be a captain that opens it up, it could be a sergeant, it could be a lieutenant or it could be a police chief. In this case, it is going to be Chief John Proctor," said TPD spokesperson John Newland.

Police reports also point out Christopher was under the influence of alcohol. Antonio sustained injury to his arm and wrist.

A videotape of the incident is not being released pending the further investigation.