Execution Report Due This Week

Angel Diaz was the 20th person executed by lethal injection in Florida. His December execution took almost twice as long as previous executions.

Rodney Doss represents the attorney general on the panel studying what if anything went wrong.

Rodney Doss said, "I think that there was a deviation from the established protocol which may have led to the prolonged execution, and by that I mean a 34 minute execution as opposed to three, to five or six minutes."

During the review, the panel heard the disguised audio testimony from the executioner. Published reports suggest Diaz may have felt pain. The panel says it doesn’t think so, but admits it has no way of knowing. During an execution, sound from the death chamber is turned off so witnesses don’t know what’s being said in the room. The ACLU says one way to have better answers in the future is to make the process more open.

Larry Spalding said, "We don’t know what happened to Angel Diaz. If the press had had greater access, the questions they can’t answer may have been answered."

The panel will recommend better written procedures for future executions it will not indict the execution process. The final report from the lethal injection commission is due on the governor’s desk by Thursday.