Officers Reminding Residents to Lock Up

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There is a stern warning from local police reminding residents to keep their doors and windows locked at all times.

Officers say with this nice weather many people are opening their windows, but they say residents must remember to re-secure their homes because many burglars are entering through these open windows and doors.

This is putting more residents and especially students on alert, as the impacted areas are high in student population.

"I thought it was a pretty safe neighborhood, but now that I'm hearing that I will definitely take precautions," said Toddrick Rutledge, a student and local resident.

"It's kind of scary. I live with all girls. There's no guys around really, my neighbors are girls too, so it's kind of scary," said Michelle Smith, a student and a local resident.

Officers are also reminding residents that these incidents don't just happen at night. Just this past weekend someone was tied up during a robbery in broad daylight in their Colony Club apartment, shocking residents in that area.

"I mean, it's pretty creepy and scary, ya know. You never think it's going to happen to you, but I guess as it gets closer and closer you gotta take some precautions," said Peter Fried, who lives near the area.

"We are looking in to see if there's any patterns, but hopefully we can get a grip on this," said Officer John Newland with the Tallahassee Police Department.

Officers also say neighborhood watches are a good idea. They say they're not just for homeowners; apartment and town home renters can also join together and become eyes and ears for each other as well.