Florida Kidnapped Teen Appears in News Conference

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Last week 13-year-old Clay Moore was kidnapped at gunpoint from a school bus stop. Today he walked into a room filled with reporters wanting details of what happened, but the family said they had decided clay would not field any questions from the media about his ordeal.

Moore was bound to a tree in the woods and foiled a kidnapping-for-ransom plan by using a safety pin, his teeth and his hands to escape.

Clay's dad says he's proud of his boy's bravery and thankful to god for keeping him strong. Clay's mom described her reaction to news of the kidnapping and his escape:

"Friday was really terrible. I can't put into words how horrifying it was when we received the news. I have to say, when I got his phone call, it was the best thing that ever happened in my life. I'm so proud of him."

Clay's mom says he's in good spirits and just wants to play with his friends. The search is still on for the alleged kidnapper, Ignacio Beltran Moreno. Authorities believe he has fled the state.