St. Marks Lighthouse Restoration Slow Moving

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Plans to move forward with the Saint Marks Lighthouse restoration project are moving more slowly than expected.

Several months ago a bill passed to transfer the ownership from the U.S. Coast Guard to the Wildlife Refuge, but because the soil around the lighthouse was found to be contaminated, plans were put on hold.

Today the Coast Guard and the Wildlife Refuge are still waiting on funding to clean up the site.

"As all Tallahassee residents have known, many like myself who have grown up here since we were little children coming out here to see the lighthouse. Very few people have had a chance to see the inside of it, so everyone is just anxious to see it open as a beautiful historic site and museum," said lighthouse keeper Andy Edel.

The Coast Guard hopes to receive funding from Congress so it can begin to dig up the soil. Once cleaned up, the refuge will be granted ownership and can then restore the structure.