Students Ditch the Beach and Lend a Hand

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Instead of hitting the beaches, Jessica Fischbach hammers away at a few nails. She's lending a hand as part of Habitat for Humanity's Collegiate Challenge.

"Getting down here away from school, and being down here and meeting so many great people, and you are not losing anything by being here," said Jessica Fischbach, a participant.

Students from six universities come together during their spring break to build homes for low-income families.

"They come and help people in a town they have never been to, somebody they have never met, doing something they have never done before," said William Stone, Construction Supervisor with Habitat for Humanity.

Students involved in Habitat for Humanity will help build 29 houses in this Tallahassee neighborhood. The families work side by side with students, making it a rewarding experience for everyone involved.

"Awesome impact, they see people are here to help them, and it's not just charity, they are actually working with us and we are working with them it's a great relationship with each other," said Jessica Rostomly, who traveled from Minnesota.

"It's great just knowing you did something for somebody else, that's such a better feeling to me than laying on the beach," said Fishbach.

One plank at a time, students are impacting dozens of families and making their mark in this community. The program has helped build nine new homes in Leon County over the past seven years.