Crist Signs Anti-Murder Act

TAMPA, Fla. (AP) _ Governor Charlie Crist plans to sign his top
crime-fighting priority into law today.
Crist campaigned last year on the so-called Anti-murder Act as
his top legislative priority.
The law requires certain probation violators who have previously
committed violent acts such as kidnapping or armed robbery to be
held in jails until a judge holds a ``danger to the community''
hearing. A judge must then issue a written ruling as to whether the
offender should continue on probation or be sent to a state prison.
Cirst has said the law could have saved the lives of young
slaying victims such as Jessica Lunsford and Sara Lunde.
In a ceremonial signing in Tampa earlier today, Crist said --
quote -- ``Enough is enough. The insanity had to stop.''
He's scheduled to attend other ceremonial signings in Fort
Lauderdale and Deltona before returning to Tallahassee for the
official signing.