Defibrillator Training for County Schools

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While Thomas County students enjoyed an extra day off, hundreds of staff members spent their planning day getting trained in the finer points of CPR.

Bill Wilhelm, a coach at Thomas County Central High School, commented on the training, "There's a lot of planning that needs to be done with an entire staff that you can't do during a regular school day because you can't get everybody together at the same time."

The staff also got trained on how to use an Automatic Defibrillator, a new addition to county schools, and a piece of equipment that was greatly needed just about a year ago.

Steve Jones, the Thomas County School Resource Officer, said, "A driver had a heart attack. He didn't pick which school to have the heart attack at, he didn't pick the time of day. He had a heart attack and we had to get help to him, to find someone that was CPR certified was tough."

But now that's a thing of the past with all staff members given the opportunity to get CPR certified.

Betty Vaughn, an English teacher at Thomas County Central, added, "I think it's wonderful that it's happening. I've been trained in CPR and first aid since I was right out of high school, myself. So I think the more people trained the better off we are."

It's training no one really wants to have to use, but if the situation arises the teachers will be ready to spring into action and do their best to save a life.

Some of the AEDs were supplied by a private donor, the rest purchased with in-house funding.