Local Red Cross Kicks Off Volunteer Training Blitz

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Their mission is helping those in a time of need. Now the Capital Area chapter of the American Red Cross is recruiting some new volunteers, saying the question isn't if, but when a disaster will strike our area.
"It's going to happen here again, a little over twenty years ago we had hurricane Kate strike Tallahassee, it pretty much shut Tallahassee down," says Chris Floyd the Director of the Capital Area Red Cross.
In 2007 alone the local red cross has traveled hundreds of miles across the southeast providing services for those who lost everything in recent tornados.
And over the next week volunteers will learn everything from mass care and shelter operations, to damage assessment.
And many new volunteers say they want to be ready to help when needed.
"I wanted to use the skills that I have as a volunteer and just work with people in the community," says Vicky Verano, a Red Cross Volunteer.
"I felt the need to give back to the community and I thought with the way the country's going today, you never know what would happen and I wanted to be prepared," says Eddie Houston, a Red Cross Volunteer.
With hurricane season eighty days away, the Red Cross says it's important to get volunteers trained now, before disaster strikes.
"We want ready volunteers that knows the situation, who won't have to be taught like on-the-job training. If you have to teach while your on the job it takes away the time you have in doing whatever your special mission" says Cleveland White, with the Capital Area Red Cross.
So if it does strike close to home, the local Red Cross wants to be ready.
The Red Cross says they're in need of more volunteers... classes run through Friday to sign up, call 850-878-6080.