A Temporary Solution for PeachCare

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As of Monday, low-income families had to stop enrolling their children in the PeachCare Program because the money just wasn't there to support it. But now, the state of Georgia is taking money from Medicaid to pay to keep PeachCare going. This new hope is providing many families with health care just a little while longer.

Pamela Maddox is a mother of four and calls PeachCare a blessing. Without it she worries how her family would cover medical expenses.

She said, "If we lose this, I have a child that's got ADD, ADHD, you know, there's just several things that can happen."

Now, however, Georgia legislation is giving hope to families just like Pamela's. Money needed to cover the cost of PeachCare will now come from the Medicaid Program. This is only a temporary solution, but one that is welcomed by most Georgia residents.

Derrek Bell is a Thomasville resident and he said, "I think it's great because we need to keep our low-income families in good health."

But others say they're just ready for a final solution.

Julia Ross is a Thomasville resident and she said, "Just like you find a way for a temporary solution, you can find a way permanently."

The PeachCare Program is experiencing a more than $130,000 deficit.