First Thomas County Female to Graduate From a U.S. Military Academy

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With proud parents and husband standing by, 24-year-old Amy Cooper Bray got big time recognition.

The Thomas County Board of Commissioners honored her for being the first local woman to graduate from a U.S. military academy.

"I guess it's a special occasion because not everyone gets this experience in their life. I come from a very small town. I appreciate how much my hometown supports me," commented 2nd Lieutenant Amy Cooper Bray.

A bit modest about her accomplishments, Amy beat out 10,000 other applicants for a spot in the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Gary Cooper, Amy's father, added, "You can imagine how competitive that is, so it was very difficult, the rigorous of any child going through the academy so we just really thank God and this county."

Amy also thanks her older sister, Melissa, who inspired her, "I really looked up to her as a young child and I think that's the reason. I saw what she was doing for her country and I saw it as something honorable so I followed."

And now it's Amy's turn to inspire others.

Amy and her husband are now headed to Vandernberg Air Force Base in California. Her area of expertise will be space missile training.