Manhunt Continues for Quincy Man

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Deputies say Terrence Fisher had no outstanding warrants. In fact, his probation was set to end on the first of next month. They're still not sure why he eluded authorities and where he is at this time.

Gadsden County deputies spent the early part of the day searching the murky waters of a local mine hole by boat, and by air, for 36-year-old Terrence Fisher.

MAJ Tommy Haire said, "We've been searching this manhole, thinking he may be in this pond here, or it's a possibility he may not be in the pond; we're just not sure."

Deputies say on Daturday morning a Florida Highway Patrol officer attempted to stop Fisher for a traffic violation. Fisher took them on a high speed chase, ending up at the mine hole just blocks from his home.

Friends and neighbors say Fisher is familiar with the manmade lake and may still be alive.

Nicki Jackson said, "I know he's safe. He knows the area too good to be in trouble. I hope he turns himself in or whatever so they won't keep looking for him, and everybody out here is concerned."

Antwan Fisher said, "We feel like he's not deceased. If anything, he's scared. He's a good parent. He takes care of his kids when he comes home. He's never too tired to spend time with the family.”

The family is awaiting word from deputies combing every inch of the green algae waters with a dog. In the meantime, they have a message for Fisher.

Antwan added, "Just turn yourself in. It's no need to keep running; they're out there looking for you. We still love you."

Family members say the last few days have been difficult for them as they await word on Fisher's whereabouts. Fisher's mother says she wants him to know she worried about him, she loves him, and wants him to get in touch with someone. They're all praying for his safe return.