Black Market Drugs in Quincy

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The Florida Department of Law Enforcement raided the convenience store in Quincy.

Authorities found birth control pills, antibiotics, and the list goes on and on. The bad news is the convenience store is not licensed to operate as a pharmacy, and the men who run it aren't licensed either.

FDLE agents say the "Mi Favorita Tienda" store in Quincy was selling more than milk and bread.

Investigators say the owner and an employee were selling illegal pharmaceuticals smuggled into California from Mexico.

Law enforcement set up an undercover sting, sending someone in to purchase the meds, and finally nabbing the suspects.

Phil Kiracofe said, "There were all kinds of drugs like penicillin, antibiotics, birth control drugs, syringes. In fact, there were kits that were put together to enable customers to inject themselves with these drugs themselves."

The owner, Tony Saenz, and employee Homero Campos are being held in the Gadsden County Jail on felony charges. The two turned themselves into deputies early Tuesday morning.