Circuit Court Gives Go-Ahead in Home Builders Lawsuit

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There has been a legal victory for the Florida Home Builders Association. The group filed a lawsuit against the City of Tallahassee, saying the mandatory inclusionary zoning ordinance is unconstitutional.

City workers tried to drop the lawsuit, but Tuesday the circuit court said no.

Under the ordinance, for every 50 houses developers build, five of them have to be sold at a subsidized price. FHBA members say they're all for cheap housing, but it causes other homeowners to foot the bill, and that's not fair.

"It is certainly our goal and really and truly is the bedrock of our industry, is building affordable housing," said Edie Ousley, spokesperson for FHBA. "We want to be able to do that. We'd like to do it again, but it's very difficult when we have significant regulatory fees that impede that ability."

The lawsuit now moves forward in circuit court.