PETA Offers Tallahassee Residents Food for Thought

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There is a controversial animal rights display in the middle of downtown Tallahassee: PETA and its depiction of the last supper.

PETA is calling the display a work of art meant to grab people's attention.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals brought in the 28-foot trailer that looks like an old fashioned diner. In the windows on one side are graphic images of animal factories and slaughterhouses.

On the other side is a third image of Jesus with 12 famous vegetarians such as Paul McCartney sitting down for what the artist is calling the "Last Supper."

Tallahassee resident Pamela Lalik says some people need a visual image to get the meaning of a message.

"I think anyone who feels religiously would understand that kindness is a basic message not just through Christianity but through most religions. Kindness and compassion can go hand and hand and should with most religious beliefs."

Campaign Coordinator Michael Brazell has been traveling with the display. He says the best way to stop animal cruelty is to become a vegetarian.

"The one thing that they can do right now to end the suffering, to stop the baby birds from having their beaks chopped off with a hot plate, to keep the mother pigs out of the gestation crate that don't even allow them to turn around even a little bit, is to go vegetarian," he says.

The display was downtown during the lunch hour Wednesday. It travels around the country and the world for stops in other cities.