Hospitalized Teacher Gets Special Visit

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Lisa Moore was in a serious car accident in February and has recently been transferred to Archbold Memorial Hospital to continue with her recovery.

Randi Moore, Lisa's daughter, said, "We have seen a world of improvement, more then the doctors, more then we have expected in this period of time, but we still have a long way to go."

And along the way, Moore's entire first grade class giving a few hugs to boost morale.

Paul Funderburk, one of Moore's students, said, "We came to see Mrs. Moore. I'm very happy because I saw my teacher. I'm looking forward that she can come back before I'm in the second grade.

Moore's daughter describes her as a dedicated, strong willed woman who lives for teaching, and says a visit like this one helps motivate Moore to get back to her classroom even sooner.

"It did her a lot of good. She has missed them so much."

Linda Ward, Assistant Principal at Garrison Pilcher, shared, "I'm so glad the children had the opportunity to come and tell Mrs. Moore just how much they've missed her, how much they love her and hoping she gets back before the end of the school year."

And with a long road still ahead of her, Moore's light at the end of the tunnel is her students.

Family members tell WCTV Lisa Moore has been counting down the days waiting for Wednesday's visit. We join all those wishing her a full and speedy recovery.