Busy Days for Florida Legislators

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Cable service, property taxes, flu shots, and even toilet paper are hot topics among lawmakers at Florida's Capitol. The cable bill's sponsor says the plan will deliver better cable service, lower rates and more choices.

Under the plan, the state would issue cable television franchises instead of cities and counties. Opponents argue the plan would take away local control of cable services and that would hurt customers.

Another hot topic is property tax legislation. The new proposal from Republican House leaders would increase the statewide sales tax one percent in exchange for repealing only the portion of property tax on homesteads that goes into the state's school financing program.

Pharmacists would be able to give flu shots under a bill approved by a senate committee.

Doctors objected, saying that pharmacists aren't adequately trained to do it.

Another piece of legislation is a bill requiring restaurant restrooms to have plenty of toilet paper.

Senator Victor Crist of Tampa delivered his remarks to the Health Regulation Committee, which gave its unanimous approval.