Authorities Warn Residents To Stay Off Train Tracks

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A fifty-four year old man, the latest victim to be struck and killed by an oncoming train.
Now with three fatal train incidents in the past three months...authorities are sending out a stern warning to residents: stay off the tracks.
"They are very very dangerous you walking down a railroad track and suddenly it just shrinks down into a gauntlet and you have no where to go if a train comes" says Officer David McCranie with the Tallahassee Police Department.
Back in January two men were killed in two separate incidents on local rail road tracks.
One man killed while attempting to rescue his dog during a walk along the tracks.
But authorities say it's against the law.
"That is private property your not allowed to be there...and what folks don't realize is that you can be arrested for being on the railroad tracks" says Officer McCranie.
Authorities say it's far too common... but residents near the Gaines Street crossings, say they see it all the time.
"For the homeless, for their own benefit and good it's best to stay off them tracks back there... especially while they're drinking and stuff" says Derrick Howard, a local resident.
"Well, I do walk around here a lot because I'm a pedestrian and I don't have a vehicle" says Denaro Allen a student who walks across tracks to get to class.
Whatever the reason, the consequences can be deadly.
"It's unsafe to be going back there, especially at night. You stumble over something and you fall... you're unconscious and the train comes and that's it" says Howard.
Authorities say they'll soon be setting up patrols at railroad intersections and if you're caught running the signal, you'll receive
a 120 dollar fine and three points on your license.