Grenade Found in NE Tallahassee Home

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Some Tallahassee construction workers found an explosive early Thursday afternoon.

An old and rusty grenade was found in this dirt pile, by two construction workers at a home off Piedmont Street, on the Northeast side of Tallahassee.

Jerry Davis says he nearly stepped on it, before realizing what it was.

Davis says they moved the grenade to this spot until Tallahassee Police arrived and were able to safely remove it from the yard.

"it's kind of unusual finding something like that, you're just kind of stunned, not knowing what to do with it," says Jerry Davis who almost stepped on the grenade.

Davis says he's never had this happen at one of their sites before and says he'll definitely be more cautious where he takes a step from now on.

Police say grenades are found from time to time, but say if there's ever a question of it being live, to always call the police.


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