Allen Boyd Tours Gadsden Community Hospital

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U.S. Congressman Allen Boyd walked the empty halls of the Gadsden Community Hospital. The hospital has been closed since November 2005.

"In small communities, the maintenance and ongoing success of the hospital are very difficult issues. You just simply don't have enough patient capacity to be able to maintain the kinds of doctors and services that you need," said Boyd.

Boyd looked for a clear understanding as to what led to the hospital's bankruptcy. He discussed with community leaders ways to restore the hospital's operational status.

"The last thing we want to do is ask your citizens to sink a bunch of tax money into opening a facility that long term can't sustain," added Boyd.

The county needs to regain it's critical access designation to restore the hospital's operations.

"It provides the money we need to take care of the indigent of Gadsden County and those folks who just don't happen to have insurance at this point," said Gadsden County Commissioner Ed Dixon.

Gadsden County commissioners said the county absorbs the costs of patients using Medicaid and Medicare and receives medical attention in other counties.

"The transportation from Gadsden to Leon County has been a problem because of the expense of the transportation. Our citizens are not able to pay," said Gadsden County Commission Chairperson Brenda Holt.

Gadsden County officials added they have spoken with the medical community and now need feedback from residents to determine how exactly to operate the hospital.