FAMU Trustees Report University Status

University trustees try to clear up lingering questions about FAMU’s future.

The Chairperson of the FAMU Board of Trustees called an emergency meeting Monday afternoon. A progress report was made during this emergency meeting conducted via conference call.

Several students made sure to listen in on the call in the President’s Conference room. FAMU Provost Deborah Austin told the board there will be a sufficient number of courses offered this summer. This is part of an effort to keep students from going elsewhere for summer courses as many have been in past years. Students say they were held back from taking certain needed classes because the university did not post summer courses in a timely manner.

FAMU student Kyle Washington says, “I’ve learned a lot here since my freshman year. I just think leadership needs to be changed, not on a presidential level but on the staff level. The staff has a really important job here.”

The board agreed to aggressively advertise summer courses to reach out to students.

Austin also reports that the school is taking corrective action to fulfill accreditation requirements for the College of Law and the College of Pharmacy. She says they’re working on improvements such as hiring qualified faculty and adjusting courses.

Some students say they are still skeptical about the reported progress of the university but others say the meeting was informative and encouraging.