Paperless Gadsden County School Board

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Gadsden County school administrators are trying to save thousands of dollars by embarking on the information superhighway.

The district is the first to go wireless as a means of conducting business.

For years, Gadsden County School Board members began their duties sifting through mounds of paperwork at their monthly meetings. The packets are then stored in cabinets for future use, but that will soon change. The district is the first in the area to go high tech.

Reginald James said, "We live in a technological age so all of our students use lab tops now in our schools and certainly as leaders we should led by example. This is an excellent way of showing how technology can advance our board meetings."

Employees are busy fine tuning the computers for board members use. The system is designed to eliminate time and energy.

Sonja Bridges said, "It's just a click of a mouse to pull up a document. If they need to go to the Internet for something they can click on the disk and also we have a DVD - VCR installed as well. When someone comes to show something, that capability is there as well."

Wide screen televisions will now take the place of paper. Instead the agenda will be displayed on the monitors for the audience to see.

School officials say this cost-cutting measure will save the district upwards of $7,500 a year.

Board members will undergo an intensive training session before embarking on their first paperless meeting, a meeting that is sure to set a precedent in the Big Bend while the district goes on the paperless trail.

The district hopes to have its first paperless meeting on the 24th of this month.