Dead Navy Officer Rocks Valdosta

By Ben Wolf
Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Those remembering Naval Petty Officer Adam McSween tonight say he always looked to help others before himself.

"Everybody would have something positive to say about Adam. He was an awesome guy and we're going to miss him a lot," said his childhood friend, Matt Malone.

Matt Kalone and Pastor John Klimko, Jr. reminisced about the time they spent with Adam McSween during vacation Bible schools and summer camps.

"He was an active part of this congregation. He was here literally every time the doors were open," said Pastor John Klimko, Jr.

McSween attended Valdosta High School before transferring to Georgia Christian School. His faith was extremely important to him, especially as high school graduation neared.

He accepted a track scholarship to York Christian College in Nebraska where he met his wife, Erin.

The Navy recruited Adam and he became interested in explosives.

"I think as he served and was introduced to new things and stuff like that, that became one of his interests," said Malone.

McSween was among three officers in a bomb disposal unit who died Friday in northern Iraq. He leaves behind his wife and two daughters, five-year-old Lily and two-year-old Gwyneth.

"Years and decades from now, there's going to be all sorts of people out here that still remember him, and that's not because of him dying in service to our country. It's because of what he did for so many years for so many people," said Klimko, Jr.

McSween's wife and daughters reside in Whidbey Island, Washington, where the Naval officer's unit was located.

His mother, father, two brothers and sister do not live in Valdosta anymore. They are spread throughout the country.

Pastor Klimko is planning a memorial service at Central Avenue Church of Christ. The exact date and time has not been specified, but we will keep our viewers posted when we receive the information.