Presidential Candidates Visit Capital City Via Internet

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Presidential candidates in Tallahassee will speak to voters via the Internet in the first ever virtual Town Hall meeting orchestrated by the liberal group

"One of the things you get is you find out what the presidential candidates positions are on various issues move on is presenting. This on is how the candidates plan to get out of the Iraq war," said Tom Baxter, member.

Presidential hopefuls use the Internet to answer three of nearly 7,000 questions and take one minute to present their platform on the War in Iraq to viewers across the nation.

"The only other framework we might have is the debates and those are so structured. There answering questions that the people out in the street have like you and I," said Carol Stachurski, a member.

Highlights of the meeting can be seen on the Internet Wednesday at There are two more Town Hall meetings coming up later this year focusing on health care and the environment.