Georgia Tax Break


After weeks of bickering, the Georgia Legislature has agreed on a mid-year budget that would give homeowners a $142 million one-time tax break.

The deal between the House and Senate announced last night would give the average Georgia homeowner a property tax refund of about $100.

The agreement came after a lengthy standoff that worsened earlier in the day after the senate passed a plan slashing millions of dollars from the house version for spending through June 30.

The bickering could foreshadow a sharper battle over the larger $20.2 billion budget for the next fiscal year, which has yet to be approved by either chamber.

Fighting between the two Republican controlled chambers over the plan had brought the 40-day legislative session to a virtual standstill.

Numerous key pieces of legislation are yet to make it to the floor with just six days left in the session.

The plan would provide $81 million to bail out the state's PeachCare Health Insurance program for poor children, more than eight million for the cash-strapped public defenders program and about $40 million to aid the startup of a Kia car plant in west Georgia.