Apalachicola Boats and Businesses Damaged in Storm

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"It sounded like a huge big roar," said Apalachicola resident Bruce Hunter as he looked at snapped trees on his street.

He says he'll never forget the sound of the storm.

This weekend, Mother Nature brought a powerful spring storm that actually spawned a waterspout.

"We heard it as it went through. We were all awake in the house and huddled down in the bed so it went through here, came over here into this gentleman's yard and blew these trees down and the limbs down," said Hunter.

Monday, debris was scattered about in several front yards. The winds were so ferocious they sent a piece of someone's furniture into a utility pole.

Resident Dean Castner says he heard it too.

“Hard rain and gusty winds and there was just one big gust."

The wicked winds also caused damage to boats and businesses.

The roof at Allen's Seafood was ripped off. The steel now lies in a pile along Highway 98. A tarp is now providing temporary cover, and that's not all.

Mother Nature took down a shrimp boat at the Apalachicola City Dock.

Monday, residents helped the owner make sure the "Lady Irish" rises again.

"Everybody's around here and trying to get that thing up," said Billy Shiver who's lived in Apalachicola for 70 years.

The wet weather was welcomed by firefighters who just battled a wildfire in that same dry area last weekend.