Lake Munson Catfish Warning

If you like to catch catfish at Lake Munson and fry them up, we have a warning for you.

The Leon County Health Department is advising caution in eating brown bull head catfish from Lake Munson located in Leon County.

Testing shows a low level of polychlorinated biphenyls or PCBs in this type of fish.

Health effects that have been associated with exposure to PCBs include acne-like skin conditions in adults.

Children exposed to PCBs have motor-skill problems, short-term memory issues and immune system concerns.

PCBs are known to cause cancer in animals.

Although the levels are very low, as a precaution, consumers are advised not to eat brown bull-head catfish from Lake Munson until further study is conducted.

For more information about PCBs, visit the Agency for Toxic Substances website at