Georgia Leading the Nation in Technology in Schools

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Class participation is now made easy with just a click of a button. Students are learning geometry and giving their answers through a computer. The teacher is then able to see the percentage of students answering correctly.

Megan Budzinsky is a student at Thomas County Central High School and said, "It's better, that way you don't get embarrassed as much."

It’s giving students confidence to participate in class discussions.

Student Cody Knapp said, "It makes the whole learning process a lot more interesting and it's not as monotonous as lecturing."

School administrators say students at Thomas County Central are sitting in what they call 21st century classrooms, classrooms that are up to date on all educational technology.

Andrea Gonzalez teaches at Thomas County Central and said, "Right now I'm wearing a microphone and the microphone makes everyone in the classroom hear me the same. It's not just the people in the front or where I'm standing; everyone hears me at the same level."

Georgia was the only state to receive an 'A' in the annual technology counts reports.

The report shoes 65 percent of Georgia students have a computer in the classroom, higher than the national average of almost 50 percent, and teachers must meet technology requirements to be certified, ensuring no one is left behind as technology continues to evolve.

The national report also shows Georgia is one of only four states with technology standards in place and which tests students on those standards.