Brogan Museum Names Endowment for Jack Crow

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Mary Brogan Museum of Art and Science Press Release:

Tallahassee, Fla.–

The Mary Brogan Museum of Art and Science celebrates the life of the late Dr. Jack Crow by naming its Endowment for the man who crafted efforts to build the building that currently houses the Museum.

Once the President of the Odyssey Science Center, Jack Crow led a grass-roots community initiative to build a science center on Kleman Plaza resulting in securing PECO (Public Education Capital Outlay) dollars from the Florida Legislature.

Joan Crow, his wife of 44 years brings her gifted students from the Leon County School of Arts and Sciences to The Brogan each Friday for a mentor and student enrichment program. “I can only imagine how happy Jack would be to see the thousands of children we serve with science programs every year. I am certain he smiles down on Joan being here with her students as they learn about technology applications and potential careers in the Museum industry. These kids are currently digitizing THE KINSEY COLLECTION for global access by other students and teachers. It’s a little unsettling how very bright they are. Most of them learned “html” in a day,” said Chucha Barber, CEO for The Brogan.

Dr. Crow may be best known for his association with Florida State University’s National High Magnetic Field Laboratory where he served as the first Director for more than 13 years.

“Jack and other colleagues hired me almost nine years ago and he quickly promoted me to increasing levels of responsibility. It was an honor for me to spend many hours in Jack’s office – on a daily basis – as we collaborated on various projects,” said Brian Fairhurst, Associate Director, of The National High Magnetic Field Laboratory.

“At last Monday’s Board Meeting, we talked about how honored we are that the Crow family has allowed us to invoke Jack’s name to raise funds that will enable The Brogan Museum to continue to operate. The Board of Directors approved a new mission statement at that meeting, demonstrating the evolution of our education focus over the years and reminding us of the important contributions made by early organizers” said Dave Mica, newly elected President of The Board for The Brogan Museum.

“To me, Jack Crow was a gentle giant. He was intellectually superior to most people I have had the privilege to know and no one can dispute his amazing contributions to this community. His legacy lives on at The Brogan Museum. One day we might even have the magnetic-powered train he envisioned operating around the ceiling of our spacious atrium,” said Chucha Barber. “In any event, we have a science center filled with children and people of all ages whom we hope to serve with outstanding exhibits and programs in Jack’s memory.”

Contact: Chucha Barber at (850) 513-0700, X229.

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