SNOW: It's the Talk of the Town

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For the past few weeks, snow has been pelting folks up North, And now, Florida and Georgia could be getting in on some of the action starting Friday.

That four-letter word is the talk of the town.

Although it's not likely that the capital city will look like the north pole, folks say they'll take anything they can get.

School kids are itching for a snow day where snow angels and snow ball fights become top priority.

"Make snow balls and hit my school friends," says 7 year old Samuel Matkin.

For 5-year-old Max Zabriskie, it was a tough decision on what he's going to do first if snow heads our way.

"I would say that I would do snow angels all day," says 5 year old Max Zabriskie.

Tallahassee isn't expected to get blanketed with *this* much snow like they are up north, but that doesn't keep kids and kids at heart from getting excited.

"Oh it's wonderful. We don't have to shovel it, we can just enjoy it and I've had this ski parka for fourteen years now, so might as well get to use it," says Alyson Matkin.

But for this gang who's lived in the north for most of their lives, watching Floridians go crazy over the idea has been more than entertaining.

'It is kind of funny to see because you know it's not going to stick to the ground and there's not going to be anything to shovel, but it's fun to watch everybody get so excited about it," says Tallahassee resident Jennie Zabriskie.

And when it was all said and done, it just keeps coming back to snow angels.

HEATHER BIANCE : "Do you like making snow angels?
SAMUEL MATKIN: "Yeah that's my favorite part, I do it at least every year," says 7 year old Samuel Matkin.

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