One Month Since Tallahassee Woman's Disappearance

A month after a Tallahassee woman disappeared, authorities say their search and commitment to finding her continues.

Leon County Sheriff's Office Spokesperson SGT Tony Drzewiecki said, "The passage of time does not deter us from our end goal."

That end goal is finding 21-year-old Danielle Brown.
That passage of time is exactly one month.

Brown was last seen February 5th leaving her home on Springhill Road in Tallahassee.

Whitney Chastaine lives off of Springhill Road, and can't help but think about the missing woman as she walks along that same street.

Chastaine said, "When I heard that she went missing, it's very sad. That could've been one of my kids and she is a child to somebody. I think it's good that they're still trying to find her. I don't think they should give up that easy."

Leon County deputies say they haven't given up, and it hasn't been easy.

SGT Drzewiecki said, "In a lot of ways, this investigation is unprecedented for its scope. You're dealing with two states, several law enforcement agencies from several different counties, all working together for the same goal; and that's to find Danielle Brown and find answers for her family."

On February 8th, three days after Brown's disappearance, her car was found at the Pavo, Georgia dump with the license plate removed.

Thirty-five year-old Elijah James, who authorities called her on again, off again boyfriend, is charged with stealing and burning Brown's car.

Authorities and community members have searched Miccosukee, Florida; and more than 100 officers sifted through garbage in landfills in Thomas County.

"Hopefully they'll find her because I know she's got a family." Said, Chastaine.

Pieces of Brown's driver's license and her cell phone were found in Beachton, Georgia on February 15th.

But, deputies still need more pieces of the entire puzzle to resolve her disappearance.

Authorities are offering a $5,000 reward. Anyone with any information in the case is urged to call Crime Stoppers at 850-574-TIPS.


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