New York Woman Expecting Third Set of Twins

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A Brooklyn, N.Y., is expecting her third set of twins — and she has had no outside fertility help, New York's Daily News reported.

Gezime Amer, 37, first gave birth to twin boys 12 years ago. Her second set of twins - girls - followed two years later.

Now, she is six months pregnant and her gynecologist, Dr. Ayman Shahine, confirmed she is expecting twin boys once again.

Shahine, who has been practicing gynecology for 20 years, said he has never seen a woman like Amer, who is genetically prone to giving birth to twins.

"Her genes are like that," said Shahine of Amer.

All of Amer's twins are fraternal.

The National Organization of Mothers of Twins reported 15 of their 26,000 members have given birth to "several" sets of twins.

Amer said no one in her family has twins.


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