Employee Arrested for Sex with Mentally Retarded Patient

An employee is charged with sexual misconduct ... after police say he had sex with a mentally retarded patient at a facility in Chattahoochee.

The man is behind bars in Gadsden County and the woman's family fears there may be other victims who haven't spoken up.

29 year old Marvin Dawson is now wearing cuffs and a jail jumpsuit. Court papers say back in February, he slipped into a mentally retarded woman's room at the facility where he worked and sexually assaulted her.

Chattahoochee Police reports say there's surveillance video of him entering the woman's room and the semen collected from her clothing is his too.

Dawson was charged with sexual misconduct and is now trying to convince a judge to lower his $75,000bond.

The judge Wednesday said no.

"It's a relief to know that he's behind bars," the woman's mother said after the court hearing. "We don't know if this could have happened to someone else," Pamela Chepa said, "but I feel safe knowing he is, you know, behind bars so it can't happen to anybody else."

The woman's family says the woman is a 21 year old schizophrenic with an iq of 40. They're furious that something like this could happen in the state's care and said even with surveillance video and a roomate for a witness, it took two months for authorities to arrest him.

"It should have never happened to anyone and the fact that she is mentally ill makes it a lot worse," said Pamela Chepa, the victim's mother.

"You thought she should have been safe there?"

"Yeah, yup," Chepa said as she fought back tears.

"It's time for justice for these people. It's ... they're not responsible, but we're responsible, the taxpayers of the state of Florida pay for that hospital and those employees' salaries to take care of these patients," said Patty Boyette, the victim's God aunt.

Dawson worked at the Mentally Retarded Defendant Program which is on the grounds of the Florida State Hospital in Chattahoochee, but actually run by the Agency for Persons with Disabilities.

An APD spokeswoman says Dawson was barred from working with patients as soon as the incident was reported and says it intended to fire Dawson as soon as it received DNA confirmation, but Dawson resigned first.

Chattahoochee Police Captain F.C. O'Brian says the reason he waited two months to arrest Dawson, was he was awaiting those DNA test results from FDLE.

According to paperwork obtained from the family, the victim's mother holds the power of attorney for her, and shared her name and medical information with us.


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