Study Says Class Size isn't Tied to Student Learning

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A new Harvard University study says Florida's class-size amendment has had no effect on student achievement.

Officials with the Florida Education Association (The statewide teacher's union) dismissed the study released Friday as "biased" because it came from a Harvard program linked to former Governor Jeb Bush.

Bush has been a longtime advocate of privatizing Florida's Education system.

Several students we talked to say they don't agree with the findings of the study.

"I definitely am surprised because when you're in a smaller class setting you do have that personal attention. Ya know, the teacher and student relationship" says Tallahassee resident Kimberly Perez.

"I personally was a shyer kid when I was growing up and to have a smaller classroom really made it easier to interact with the students, interact with the teacher and be less nervous about my learning process," says Tallahassee resident Danica Sun.

The Legislature has placed a new amendment on the November 2nd ballot that would loosen class-size requirements.


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