Fraternity Bikes More Than 800 Miles to Help Disabled

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As they came up the hill, friends and family cheered. Their journey was finally coming to an end. But the residual effects were just beginning.

"We have the ability to change the lives of other people who don't have the ability to participate in something as special as this," said Pi Kappa Phi member Bryce Nanez.

30 members of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity participated in "Gear up Florida". They biked more than 800 miles from Miami to the state's capital to raise awareness and money for their philanthropy, Push America. It's designed to help adults and children with disabilities.

For two weeks, they rode 65 miles per day. And despite the physical challenge, they say not finishing was not an option.

"If my knee was hurting or my back was hurting we all told ourselves that the people we were riding for would kill to have an aching back because they're riding a bicycle," said Pi Kappa Phi member, Phillip Kelley.

Loved ones met them at the Finish line with warm embraces and long kisses, proud to see them complete the journey. But what they seemed most proud of is the long-term effect the journey will have for people in need.

Each rider raised at least $2,500, all of which will go to Push America. That's more than $70 thousand for people who may never know what it feels like to ride a bike.

Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity established Push America in 1977. Since then, its members have raised millions of dollars and spent countless hours volunteering and building "push camps" across the country so that children with disabilities can experience summer camp.

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